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Warm Brew & Dom Kennedy drop an OG west coast cut titled "Full Effect"

Last year I called Warm Brew the new age NWA and I still stand by it. The trio just teamed up with fellow Southern California hip-hop legend Dom Kennedy to deliver a laid back, blunt smoking, bbq kick back jam titled "Full Effect" produced by DeUno.


I was so stoked to hear of this collaboration as Dom Kennedy is one of my favorite "uncles" in the game. He's not quite old school enough to be an OG but has still been around longer than a minute for me to throw him in the OG category. On that same hand, I constantly write about Warm Brew because they are my Dogtown WB boys that don't get quite the recognition they deserve, but it's ok because they cool like that. They have been quietly brewing up some masterpieces after they dropped "Diagnosis" (which I must have had on repeat for 6 months) and this is the first gift of gab since the EP. 

Ray Wright boasts a hook that perfectly describes the song to it's core, "She says she likes that old school swang / brand new boogie / love the way I do it so I let her do it to me / I got old school swang / brand new boogie / mami feelin' full effect when she standin' next to me". At first ear, I confused the chorus for the late Nate Dogg - the track feels like it could have easily dropped in the 90's yet fits equally as perfect in the summertime of 2017.  Boy's of the Warm Brew discussed the cut via email but what I think they meant to say was "damn it feels good to be a gangsta."

"The song is on some player shit. The song is a vibe. It's an ode to generations past present and future. It reminds me of something my uncle would've showed me so I wanna show my nephew." -Serk Spliff
"First time we played it for Dom, he was instantly tryin to hop on it, and of course we were down. its always dope creating with somebody who's helped you progress to where you are in your career. The record just gives you this smooth throwback feeling in a fresh and present way." - Ray Wright
I know you're probably listening to this song and wanting to light up but also want to see them live. So don't trip. You can do both! As for the smoke session, I hope you can figure that out yourself. But for a live show, Warm Brew will be performing with Hippie Sabotage at the Fox in Pomona on July 29 AND at the second annual Day N Night Fest in September. So don't sleep ya silly gooses. 
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