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Two Tail & Quiett "Welcome Change" on new single

Revered Seattle, WA label Hush Hush Records has shared news of a debut collaborative EP from Two Tail & Quiett.  A joint effort from Manchester, UK-based DJ/producer Two Tail (Ted Scoltock) and Denver-based producer/vocalist combo Quiett (Sam Leffers and Kevin Hake), the Fountains EP is 3 tracks of warm, organic, and jazzy electronic sounds. Hovering between house and chillwave, "Welcome Change" is perhaps the strongest tune the EP has to offer, with its inviting electric piano chords creating a pleasant tapestry for Kevin Hake's soft-spoken vocals. A hazy disco beat coupled with a superbly smooth bassline give the track a great groove, and when the track suddenly ends, it leaves you wanting more.

All three musicians are part of the Outsourced Collective, a group founded by Two Tail (Scoltock) and fellow Manchester native Aleks Zurawski that brings together a diverse range of blossoming international artists creating emotional, restrained sounds free of strict genre confines. Clearly the artists have found some common ground and work well together despite being an ocean apart.

The Fountains EP will be out digitally and on cassette July 28th. Digital pre-order is available on iTunes here.

Connect with Two Tail: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Quiett: Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud


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