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Moon Bounce's Moving Castle debut will put you in a "Strange Loop"

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Like an ultra-blue freezie on a hot summer day, Moon Bounce's latest EP Strange Loop is filled with the perfect amount of perky and chilled out sweetness.

The first and title track "Strange Loop" captures those brief moments in and out of blissful afternoon naps. Clunky synths and sharp rattles create a hypnotic and playful atmosphere that speaks to surreal feels. "Know Better" is another fun track on the EP that juxtaposes Moon Bounce's hazy vocals with the contrast organic and synthetic sounds. The EP is concluded with "100% Devil", a track with zipping synth work and kaleidoscopic vision implemented. Overall, it's obvious that Moon Bounce's sound in "Strange Loop" is one that' difficult to encapsulate in words. The EP is polished chaos, braiding together perky and jarring sounds to create a colorful mosaic. With an EP like Strange Loop, it's safe to say Moon Bounce is an artist we'll be watching closely as he brings a huge boost of abstraction and creativity to the electronic world. 

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