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Loren North delivers a serenely captivating indie-pop sound in "Never Coming Back" [Premiere]

The LA-based singer-songwriter, Loren North, is once again charming fans with her vulnerable vocal delivery and signature sultry indie-pop sound. Following her debut EP Starlight back in 2016, this latest single "Never Coming Back" embodies the uplifting spirit of self-assured strength. North brings the right dose of gentle pop melodies and alluring vocals that make this track serenely captivating. Check it out below.

“I think it’s important that fans can enjoy the song and apply their own experiences to it but when I wrote it, I’d been thinking a lot about how, in life, we have to try to enjoy everything that comes our way and purposefully choose not to look back on the negative. Focusing on the stuff you can’t change keeps you from moving forward in all that you’re called to do and be. I know how difficult it can be to let that negativity go and grow from it so I’m hoping this song can be a little anthem for anyone currently in that battle." Loren North
Like a laborious yet freeing exhale, North employs her soulful pop sound to create a gently soaring melody that lifts you up as you sway along. The production is spotless and at the heart of the track, you'll find this very light, airy essence to it and although there's a subtle increase in vocal emotion during the chorus, North maintains this very unobstructed and zen-like tone throughout. To find such a resolving sound, she's been hard at work seeking out various places of inspiration for this new music. 
"I loved writing this with Taylor Agan and Justin Amundrud (also produced by Justin) in Nashville. It’s funny, some people think I’m going country because I’m constantly there writing with these guys, but there’s actually an incredible amount of great pop music being made in Nashville these days." 
 Fans can keep a lookout for an upcoming music video for ‘Never Coming Back,’ expected to come out soon, as well as more new music. 

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