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Tattoo Money refuses to be boxed in on "Caffeine On An Empty Stomach" [Premiere]

Coming out of Brooklyn, we’ve got the latest video from Tattoo Money, “Caffeine on an Empty Stomach.” For those unfamiliar with Tattoo, he’s an artist to watch. He approaches Hip Hop with an alternative, almost indie perspective that gives his sound a unique feeling, which he exemplifies perfectly in his latest video.

The video for “Caffeine” is a “modern take on David C. Johnson’s 1994 film, Drop Squad” explains Tattoo. “The movie's theme focused on an underground group of black militants that people would hire to ‘reprogram’ their loved ones, whom they felt were ‘betraying’ their racial community.” In a similar, and much more humorous fashion, Tattoo delivers his take.

Throughout the video, different groups attempt to put Tattoo into a stereotypical box. Whether it’s Timberlands or a bottle of Hennessey, groups try and force products onto the emcee as if he should accept them because of his looks. As the video goes on, he runs away from all of these forces before confronting them with his music at the finale.

Tattoo’s SoundCloud profile explains it best when he says “Fitting in is corny to me.” Tattoo grew up on all sorts of music, and he’s quite satisfied with the fact that it makes him different. After listening to the track and seeing the visuals, which he handled himself, by the way, we wouldn't want him any other way.

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