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Corbo and Remy Kay premiere the therapeutic "I'm Good" video

Producer Corbo and R&B songstress Remy Kay come together for the most soothing track of the summer. Remy’s vocal wind around the ear like smoke, as she near-chants the affirmative refrain: “I’m good.” Corbo’s production captures the languid July sun, and the rhythm on this track mimics waves lapping the shore. This is a cut off of Corbo’s debut project, Adrift, under this new moniker. Adrift, is characterized by lush beds of synthesizers, drums, lazy guitars, and vacillates between tones as nonchalantly as he drifts through the diverse art world of Los Angeles.

The video features three parallel running shots of Remy’s forehead, eyes, and lips. The closeness is all at once disarming and comforting. For the few moments that all three frames line up, washed out and layering effects keep the face from entirely coming together. Remy Kay perfectly captures the meditative moments laden within fits of anxiety. This video was produced by Kevin Lachman and directed by Matthew Garza.

Connect with Corbo on Twitter.

Find more of Remy Kay’s music on Bandcamp.

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