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July 7 kicks game to the ladies on his self-produced "Pronto"

19 year old singer and producer July 7's new release "Pronto" is a mid-tempo, sensual number that takes inspiration from R&B, Caribbeane elements and some hip-hop. Vocally July 7 can most definitely hold his own and on this single, as he delivers a unique performance but not without leaving impressions from his more established mentors (think Drake, Chris Brown and the like).

A 19 year old singer and multi-instrumentalist from Manchester, UK he has worked in two production duos prior to becoming July 7, spending the past few years perfecting his craft and has been producing for major label artists such as Travis Scott, T.I., Young Thug and many others from the age of 15. Throughout that time, he's brought worldwide acclaim and millions of hits to his music.

As a self-taught musician, July 7 made use of the internet and social media in order to bridge the gap from the UK to the US, which eventually led him to heading out to the states to live and work with the artists he had looked up to, whilst all at the age of 17.

When speaking on the project he shares, ”My roots mainly lie in R&B but I am eclectic in my approach to music. I like to explore all avenues and genres, creating something fresh and unique - a hybrid of sounds.

“Pronto” is out now and new music will be in line to follow on the 7th day of the upcoming months. 

Connect with 7 July : Soundcloud | Twitter |Instagram



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