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Eli Weese releases party jam titled "CICI"

Two months ago EARMILK did an "Introducing" piece on a Congolese-American that is releasing bangers out of Michigan. Eli Weese has returned today with a single titled "CICI" and damn does it make you want to groove.

The trap/dancehall single sounds a lot like an underground "Controlla". A low key version of Drakes cut, the younger, step brother of "Controlla", if you will. The track is equal parts catchy as it is twerk worthy. Eli speaks of the track from a secret admirer point of view with lots of sexual tension.

""I wrote the song maybe 9 months ago. Originally It was to an entirely different instrumental. When I made the beat it was all off of a feeling. Much later on, I was in the studio getting a ton of dope ideas. And it just sort of hit me that the old lyrics I wrote just seemed to fit the vibe perfectly. I don't want to talk too much about it, but I feel like everybody has that someone they admire from a far...All the little emotions that came with it. I think a lot of people have been there before with somebody."

Arjun Singh lays down the beat for the track - an undeniably infectious groove that will make everyone do their dance. There is an obvious chemistry between Arjun & Eli, as Eli's previous release was also produced by Arjun. Whatever these two are doing on their collaborations is working because both songs maintain an addictive rhythm that'll make you press replay more than once. Put this cut on at the pregame and everyone will surely get turnt up.

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