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Cults are back with a brand new "Offering"

New York saccharin pop duo Cults are back with a new single and the announcement of a new album, both titled "Offering". The new song marks the first new material for Cults since 2013's full-length, Static. The two have taken a personal break between albums, returning to normal day jobs and completing "Offering" slowly and on their own terms. This lead single offers somewhat of a change in sound for anyone who may just know them for their breakout hit, "Go Outside", with less of a focus on sweet, sugary vocal harmonies and a retro sheen. Instead, we hear a more arena pop-friendly bombastic beat and a swell of burning synths for a majority of the song. Madeline Follin sings about the significance of a good support system on the title track, stating in a press release that, "In stressful moments we think it's important to focus on the people who have helped you out and are there for you. More bittersweet than sugary sweet, "Offering" is a more mature sound from the band and a good sign of things to come.

Offering will be out on Sinderlyn Records on October 6th, 2017. Pre-order the album here.

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Dreampop · Indie · Indie Pop


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