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Goldwash releases new single "Why Hide It" from upcoming EP

Goldwash's first EP "LDR" was an eclectic mish-mash of sounds and influences that cemented the Baltimore to LA-transplant's status as an innovative new contemporary in the world of indie music. As Goldwash calls it, his genre is"Existential Funk", a pristine and a refreshing addition to anyone's favorite playlists. 

After a couple quiet months clear of new releases, Goldwash is finally back with a single from his next forthcoming EP. "Why Hide It" is a slow, syrupy summer jam that is subtly frenetic and layered in complexity. While many could just pass it off for a slow simmering track to chill to, there's something else about the song that makes it seem more intricate. Maybe it's the whomping sounds of the saxophone chorus that captures a slightly bittersweet sound; one could almost drown in the heavy energy of the song.

Goldwash addresses the matter, saying "I tried to capture twisted, seedy energy of a wild basement party with honest lyrics and heavy instrumentation. The song is lustful, and uses thick, 12-part saxophone harmonies and Lex Luger strings to get at that woozy, hard-driving feeling."

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