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Amber-Simone releases MV for debut single "Taught Me Better"

Amber-Simone might be a familiar name to fans of UK R&B producer Joe Hertz, but if you don't know who she is yet, this is the perfect time to be checking out her music. 

The UK-based R&B soul singer recently released her first single and it's irresistibly good. Released on Juicebox Recordings, "Taught Me Better" is one of those honey-slow jams that's simultaneously cinematic and seductive. The guitar riffs set the scene for a story rife with the notion of loneliness. A haunting atmosphere is created by Amber-Simone's powerful, emotive vocals and the end result is an enticing track meant to be savored on the rainiest of days or the quietest of evenings. This week, the music video for "Taught Me Better" has been released and it's vintage aesthetic, a smattering of purple and red color schemes, is like the visual translation of the song. 

You can check out the music video below. 

Connect with Amber-Simone: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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