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Joey Burbs pays his respects on his new track "Houston Nights"

2017 has been quite the year for Joey Burbs. He has released two tracks that have gained over 50,000 plays each on SoundCloud with "Margarita" and "Conversations" and with that has gained a steady fan base. On this track, Joey looks to show his appreciation for the last four years of his life living in Houston while going to school. This one was produced by Joey himself and he definitely showed out. This track is one that helps paint a picture in your head of you and your friends going out on a Saturday night during the summer to forget about all of the worries in your life. This is an extremely upbeat and enjoyable instrumental that sets the stage perfectly for Joey to come in with his amazing voice. He does the majority of the track singing but he does not shy away from showing the guy has a flow. He describes this one as an ode to the city that showed him how to live and become a man. Peep this smash summer hit above and be sure to follow Joey on Twitter for all the updates on his new music.

Connect with Joey Burbs: Twitter / SoundCloud 

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