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Penguin Prison reworks A R I Z O N A 's "Electric Touch" [Premiere]

Since summer of last year, New Jersey alternative trio A R I Z O N A has been getting used to selling out shows, seeing their streaming numbers climb, and touring with marquee acts like Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.  Friday, June 30th marks the release of Electric Touch The Remixes, a collection of remixes by the likes of Bad Royaleayokay, and Grant.  In anticipation, we have the premiere of the remix by electro-pop guru Penguin Prison.
Chris Glover, Penguin Prison himself, says of the track, "For this remix I wanted to play off the name and meaning of the song. I tried to use sounds which create a futuristic, robotic, machine-like feel... The concept of 'electric touch' brings to mind a futuristic kind of relationship where humans don't have to be in the same space to interact and touch each other." The track delivers a fresh take on the original recording- where the original soothes the ears with space for the sounds to drift through, the remix is an assault of pop made up of weaponry that could only be forged by the likes of Penguin Prison.
A R I Z O N A will be hitting the road starting September 5th in Toronto. For more information on their upcoming tour, visit their website.
Listen to "Electric Touch (Penguin Prison Remix)" above, and Electric Touch The Remixes is available June 30th.
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