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Morgan Page primps and primes Sir Rosevelt's "Sunday Finest"

Sir Rosevelt may not have graced our pages yet, but today is a new day. Behind the play on words moniker is three group members who do not lack in star power, forging the way forward to bring a new sound into our daily vernacular. Made up of Zac Brown (yes, that Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band), Niko Moon, whose songwriting work you can find in some of Zac Brown Band's biggest singles, and the studio brains of engineer Ben Simonetti, whose rolodex has Foo Fighters and Quincy Jones listed. Separately, the three are talented artists in the music industry, and together as Sir Rosevelt they're adding a new flair to pop music: pop/dance crossover with a Southern twang, or as they like to call it, "Southern pop." 
The trio's debut single, "Sunday Finest," was released earlier this year in the season that at least Zac Brown calls home: summer. A lighthearted, infectious track, "Sunday Finest" touches on wittiness that all generations can appreciate. But Southern pop isn't where Sir Rosevelt planned for the single to stay put, already releasing a remix from Gazzo of the track earlier in June. Today, we have a first listen to the next iteration of the track, taken up another notch and welcomed into the world of dance music from one of its veterans.

“Morgan killed it! I love how he reimagined our song while keeping it true to its original vibe. I can't wait to hear this in the club!” - Niko Moon of Sir Rosevelt

Morgan Page has been around the block. His originals like "The Longest Road" are forever engrained in house fans' recallable memories, he's remixed every sound from trance to electro, and his more recent work has bridged the path between dance and pop music. He's helped "Sunday Finest" into the world of radio-friendly club tracks, remixing the track to be released June 30th via Elektra/Atlantic Records.

With punchy, upbeat chords leading the way, Page has brought new electronic energy to "Sunday Finest," all while maintaining a signature intangible melancholy discord throughout the track. Take a listen above ahead of its release on Friday. 

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