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Geechi Suede pays tribute to Prince on "Purple Suede: The Remixes "

'Purple Suede the Remix3s' is a tribute to one of the most stellar icons. Remembering, celebrating, and evolutionizing with the purple potion poetics..."

That is a summary of the Prince tribute project by Camp Lo's Geechie Suede.  Aptly titled 'Purple Suede: The Remixes ', Geechie Suede proceeds to craft 7 songs influenced by the purple one with outlandish results. I use outlandish because Prince samples are not exactly the go to for most Hip-Hop producers but the interesting part is how it's used here. All of the songs here don't reach the 3 minute mark, it's pretty much a brief affair for Mr Geechie Suede. 

The producers employed to make this project include SaL Guod, Cover and Rexx, who all take turns in interpolating classic Prince songs(from different eras) while still maintaining the organic feel of the originals. This is quite a feat and the resulting soundscape is free from the expected confines of Hip-Hop and besides the dope Prince samples and pulsating drums, we get to hear Geechie's malleable golden flow once again.



Watch videos of the singles "Fellatio Switching" and "Mahogany Mami" below.

Connect with Geechie Suede : Bandcamp| Facebook|Twitter|Instagram | Website

Alternative · New Wave · Psychedelic · Rap


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