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Experience a sonic head rush with Guerilla Toss' 'GT Ultra'

New York-based art rock band Guerilla Toss has always sauntered between genres, never letting you get too comfortable in one groove before quickly slapping you in the face to sternly remind you that they’re the ones in control. Patching together sonic moods from different palettes, the band has always delivered a truly unique brand of body shaking rock music unmatched by their contemporaries. Last month’s DFA Records release GT Ultra is a fiery blend of frenetic drums, crunchy bass lines, and vocals that range from screeches to spoken word- all of which inspire the inquiry “What am I listening to, and how can I get more of it?” Better heard than described, GT Ultra is now available in digital formats and is available to stream on all major streaming services today.


Stream GT Ultra here and purchase it via BandCamp.


 Connect with Guerilla Toss: Website | Facebook | Twittter | BandCamp
Alternative · Indie · Psych-rock


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