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Beau Young Prince brings the summer vibes in new EP "Sunset BLVD" [Premiere]

DC native Beau Young Prince is back with some brand new music, and this time he has linked up with producer Grey Goon for this 5-track EP that clocks in just around 15 minutes. This is not the first drop of the year for this young talented artist but this is definitely the most hyped of the year - Beau has been blowing up recently and this EP could be the one to take him to the next level.  

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This one starts off with the track called "She Keep Me High" and is just one of those tracks that make us happy to be alive. It sounds corny but hear me out fam, this instrumental is upbeat, the melody is a smooth synthesizer that helps bring this track life, and you already know that Beau is bringing one of his many killer flows on this one. This is the perfect summer track that you drive around to with the windows down screaming every lyric word for word. The whole vibe of this one is great. Right as the third track hits, the listener is introduced to a different sound compared to the first two tracks. This track is called, "Power Trip" and right from the beginning, this one hits you right in the face with a crazy ass bassline that continues throughout the entire track. This one is my personal favorite from the EP just because of the way Beau rides the beat. This is something that makes him stand out from others. He has the ability to rap on literally any track and this EP just proves it. On track five, "Like a Queen" Beau shows a different side and actually sings on this one. The instrumental is slow paced and trap influenced for sure, but Beau took this opportunity to showcase his singing on the hook. He talks about how he could change this girl's life from being treated shitty to being treated like a king from Beau Young himself.

This is a must-listen. It has everything that you could ask for in a summer EP. With bangers, upbeat sing-along tracks, and even some love songs in there, Sunset Blvd is just the first of many to come in the future.

Connect with Beau Young Prince: Twitter  | Instagram | Spotify 

Hip-Hop · Southern Trap


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