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Ilan Bluestone announces first artist album 'Scars' with release of title track


One of Anjunabeats's most beloved stars, Ilan Bluestone, is embarking on a journey to a career milestone that he's announced today. While the British producer and DJ has released a multitude of singles - including his many hits like 2016's "Bigger Than Love," - been the star of the Anjunabeats tour and mixed Anjunabeats Worldwide 05, he has never released a full artist album. With the release of his latest single, "Scars," today, Bluestone has announced that his album of the same name will be out in the fall. Scars's title track already gives us a preview of the freedom an artist gets when telling a story in album form, as "Scars" sees a new side of Bluestone's music that we haven't seen in years. Moody, downtempo, dubby and melodic, the single features Giuseppe De Luca as the signature vocal we expect when listening to his music. 

With Ilan Bluestone planning to make a move toward an artist album with each track he makes, "Scars" is a great first introduction to the depth that we can hope and expect on the new album.

Connect with Ilan Bluestone: Soundcloud | Facebook



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