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Pool Cosby releases a moving visual for "Lanikai" [Video]

Pool Cosby is a electronic/ hip-hop trio hailing from Brooklyn who just released their sublime debut album Blind Gold back in April, that featured an wide array of features from some of New York's finest such as Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire, Kool A.D., Raekwon, Hannah Sumner, and more. Today, the band has decided to unveil the cinematic visual for the closing track on the project "Lanikai". 

Directed by acclaimed short film/music video director Tanner Jarman (who was also featured not too long ago), the visual follows around a young boy caught in the middle of his parent's constant clashing until tragedy strikes. In a brief statement dissecting the piece, Tanner states: 

Despite the tragic accident at hand, our protagonist walks the line of life and death in celebratory fashion. The viewers are taken back to a time of joy and comfort. For a short time, the boy aims to let go of his worries and enjoy every moment. Even if it's just a fantasy. The boy eventually must come to terms with the situation at hand and make a final decision. At the end, it's unclear what the state of his parents relationship will be, but regardless, the boy comes to understand that everything will be okay. 

Watch the visual above and make sure to peep Pool Cosby's debut LP Blind Gold via Spotify or Apple Music

Connect with Pool Cosby: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud

Connect with Tanner Jarman: Twitter / Vimeo  / Instagram



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