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T2 Ghetto Hippie trips us out with "Double Cups & Taco Trucks"

Houston's very own T2 'Ghetto Hippie' released a trippy ass visual for his track "Double Cups and Taco Trucks". 

The video part is a trifecta between a carnival, Alicia Key's video for Fallin' and a street truck food fair. As one of my most favorite videos of 2017 - the production is equal parts eerie as it is innovative. The first freaky thing in the visual is the appearance of electronics in wilderness. If you see TVs in the middle of the forrest you better fucking run because you know some weird shit is about to go down on the premises. As the video continues we see masquerade ballet dancers, those creepy horse masks, codeine in the trees, burning teddy bears - but i'm going to stop there because I need you to watch the video yourself to pick up on all the other crazy shit. Here is what I'm guessing went down, they had a trippy idea for a music video, but then all at once every single person on set drank some codeine and dropped acid simultaneously and voile - there you have it, "Double Cups and Taco Trucks" was created.

T2 is about to drop an EP sometime this summer. I guarantee there will be vibrant visuals to accompany the sounds so keep a look out! 

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