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Rexx Life Raj & YMTK let you know "What's Up" in new single [Premiere]

Rexx Life Raj and YMTK have each been consistently dropping gems and solidifying that they are those guys right now. As if they weren't killing the game individually, these two Bay Area legends in the making have decided to join forces for a joint EP titled Emoji Goats. To prepare listeners for what's to come on Friday, they have dropped a new single titled "What's Up".

The Drew Banga produced cut is smooth yet bouncy. With Raj and YMTK being the kings of moving back and forth between melodic flows and straight up singing, Drew Banga created the perfect foundation for them to do what they do best. When asked to share some insight about the single, YMTK shared via email,

"If you ever tried to holler at a girl hella much & convince her you were worthy of her attention & she wasn't fuckin with you until later on when hella other girls started fuckin with you, you'll prolly relate to us. We're transitioning from 'under dogs' to up under ya bitch mayne, and it's definitely not fluke. We love doing this, work hard at it & have hella fun. You can feel it in the music."

Try to patiently wait for Emoji Goats to be released on Friday; but until then, blast "What's Up".
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