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Animal Collective, Miguel, and Local Natives launch new series Earthworks with Live Nation

Animal Collective, the three-piece band that creates experimental soundscapes, is seen through the trailer to be designing new music that has recently came out on their EP, Meeting of the Waters. Local Natives, originally from Silver Lake in L.A., also takes part of the Earthworks Series in exploring new parts of their natural world. Miguel also joins the trip and contributes another creative perspective from a singer's background. All of the musicians feel inspired from their trip and are stating progressive ideas for sustainablity.

For the Earthworks Series, Geologist and Avey Tare from Animal Collective went to a Brazilian rainforest to record their Meeting of the Waters using forest sounds. The EP was released on April 22, Record Store Day, and features the peeping of frogs, exotic birds chirping and rain downfall. 

You can catch the first part of Earthworks out on June 2nd, thanks to the supportive efforts of Live Nation and Viceland who helped finance the entire trip. The artists were able to move around and see various ecosystems, interact with animals, and appreciate beautiful mountain top views. The message that the documentary puts forth is to protect the environment, which is humbling to see coming from an industry that generally does not directly concern itself with eco-issues. Hopefully, more initiatives with a similar philosophy will become more common in coming years. 

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