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Fabian Secon & 5ive Beatz show us the other side of fame on "Rockstar" [Premiere]

Over an eerie piano melody, UK singer Fabian Secon delivers a haunting song about the other side of the often coveted rockstar life. Linking up with renowned producer and fellow countryman 5ive Beatz, the two make a formidable duo that will leave you questioning your starry-eyed dreams. 

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh great, another Weeknd clone.’ And normally, you’d be right to feel this way. Anytime you have a popular artist with a unique style (i.e., Weeknd or Frank Ocean) clones always pop up out of the woodwork. Fabian is far from a follower, though.

Teamed with 5ive on the boards, “Rockstar” is the antithesis of the rockstar life glorification songs we hear dominating airwaves today. The song is about emptiness, and 5ive’s productions hit that aesthetic on the nose. The creepy pianos, the sparse percussions, even the artwork is spooky! On top of that, Fabian’s lyrics bring the whole theme home, “All alone in the penthouse, with the silence so loud, and it won’t go away.”

This duo is deadly and thankfully, “Rockstar” is just the beginning. Fabian and 5ive are making a full on collab EP titled, Until We Meet Again, which will hit digital shelves June 23rd.

Give “Rockstar” a listen above and be sure to mark your calendars for their joint EP dropping mid-June for more of this UK goodness.


Connect with Fabian Secon: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with 5ive Beatz: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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