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Phora delivers with new video "Rider"

Just like his last video, Phora is back with some stunning visuals. This time it is for his track titled, "Rider" and the video really set the tone for this one. The entire video looks like it came out of a Fast and Furious movie because everywhere you look there is a badass car doing donuts or just posted up. This video was shot by his frequent collaborator, George Orozco who always does an insane job. This track is not as serious as his previous release, "Sinner Pt. 2" but he is still getting a message across with this one. Phora uses this track to express how much he needs a great woman in his life, his rider if you will. This instrumental is up tempo and offers a platform for Phora to show off his skills as he brings such a smooth and wavy flow on this one. He brings everything he has in his arsenal including showing off his singing voice which was very well done. This track is great and the visuals provided is just the cherry on top. Peep the video above and be sure to get your tickets to Phora's tour here!

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