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Introducing: Hayden Calnin and his phenomenal "Waves"

Sometimes, just sometimes, digging around on SoundCloud can lead to finding a new artist that completely stops you in your tracks, and you just can't understand how their music doesn't have a gazillion views. Hayden Calnin's single "Waves" is just that. "Waves" starts with a beautifully simple and repetitive rhythmic piano that kicks the song off, followed by sprays of fragile sampled vocals, which magically pan around the ears. This shortly builds into harmonies and doubles of Hayden's vocoded voice flooded with incredible emotion. The progressive folk and electronic crossover sounds extremely reminiscent of Bon Iver on 22, A Million. The song comes to a crux, ending in frustration as Hayden sings:

"So our body is the wave
And it crashes into hate
I can feel the tide pull back
Well our bones will always ache
You're a head above the tide
You got that through your lies
I can see that you were struggling now"

Connect with Hayden Calnin: Facebook | Twitter | Website | SpotifyInstagram




Electronic · Indie


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