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Patrice Bäumel's 'Glutes' is climbing the Beatport charts

It seems like no sort of surprise that Patrice Bäumel's latest is rising the Beatport Top 100 chart. As a producer, Bäumel earned his stripes worldwide from beginnings as the resident DJ at one of Europe's most infamous clubs, Trouw, in his hometown of Amsterdam. Maintaining that kind of post is nearly unheard of, and migrating to making good music isn't necessarily the obvious and easiest next step. But for Bäumel, it works.

His latest is out via Afterlife Recordings, and has been a hyped release for fans of house and underground music. Glutes is a two-track EP that is admirable from any angle, with each track standing strong on its own while making for a just as worth whole listen (it ebbs and flows like a good DJ mix, wonder why?). The real star of the EP of course is its title track, "Glutes," however, "Engage" is just as much a must-listen. Brooding, beyond techy, and building to sparkling, familiar acidic and melodic synths, it's an after hours gem.  Of course, as the title of this article implies, you can grab this via Beatport as it continues to see popularity.

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