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Secret Circle (Wiki, Antwon and Lil Ugly Mane) connect once again for "Tube Socks"

The ultimate underground hip hop supergroup no one seems to be talking about is Secret Circle, compiled of California's Antwon, New York's Wiki and Florida's Lil Ugly Mane. The trio connects three underrated and mostly under the radar rappers from each coast of the nation and churns out this haunting, brutish sound unmatched by most other rappers in 2017. It's Wiki's addicting hooks and punchlines effortlessly dumped over Lil Ugly Mane and Shawn Kemp's eerie production scores and Antwon's absurdist, mostly sex-related raps that pull this camp together as something unique. The three initially announced their group debut last year with the single "Keep It Low," while another track dropped last December with the help of Despot with "Satellite". And thankfully, this week we've been given another single from the crew called "Tube Socks."

The new single is produced by Dylan Brady and features Antwon's deep vocals repeating the ridiculous line, "I be in my tube socks," for the hook. Antwon starts off the first verse with his usual hilarious and absurd lyrics, at one point exclaiming, "I pull the spinner out and spin on a bitch." Then Lil Ugly Mane jumps on and, surprisingly, isn't totally masked by filters that make him sound threatening or ghostly, per usual. This might be one of the clearest verses we've heard from Lil Ugly. Wik hops on the last verse and glides through Brady's production like a hot knife through butter, pulling back his usual loud punchline styling in exchange for a quieter sound, and more caged bars.

Anyone who has been paying attention to Wiki on Instagram should already know the three recently linked up to record what we're assuming to be the bulk of Secret Circle's first project. There's no announcement of when the album will drop, or if we're even getting a full-blown LP at all, but knowing how Secret Circle's been working already we won't see it coming. Listen to "Tube Socks" up above and connect with the impactful trio down below.

Connect with Secret Circle: Soundcloud | Twitter

Connect with Wiki: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Lil Ugly ManeBandcamp | Facebook

Connect with Antwon: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud


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