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Stream the upcoming release from Pezzner's project Motel Express [Exclusive]

Motel Express is a new/old project featuring Pezzner, the well established Seattle based producer with a vast back catalog that includes releases on Get Physical, Om, Freerange and Visionquest among others. His latest project came with an interesting story about his days throwing Motel Express parties in the desert. “Hundreds of kids would head out into the desert, following a cryptic map from the Internet, and they’d stay out there for days – and at one point or another we’d run out of party favors or the generator would run out of gas and then we’d basically just be camping.” The cops eventually shut down the fifth one and put an end to them, but what was born after that night were the first two tracks from DJ Hutz and Pezzner, once thought lost but found in an old storage unit recently. He said it was likely the only one of 50 presses that you’ll see "unless you’ve been digging around thrift shops out in Palm Desert”. We’re happy to present the 2017 release of “The Trees” here on EARMILK, and due out May 19 on Hunt & Gather.

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