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CVBZ's "Vicodin" is full of groovy vibes

CVBZ is a producer powerhouse to take note of as he both writes and sings in his own work, a rare trait found in the electronic scene. The multi-talented artist has combined his uplifting vibe with velvety R&B tinged vocals to create a punchy pop sound uniquely his own. The artist has just unveiled a new track "Vicodin", which takes on a new type of narrative approach. Within the track, CVBZ lyrics provide a storytelling experience as they explain a shift in his everyday life as he then takes on a more self-destructive path to numb himself of the craziness of the world.

Regarding the lyrics, CVBZ states, "Vicodin is a song about reckless abandon. It's about feeling distant from yourself— or at least, the self, you have been told to be— and letting go of the reigns. It's a cautionary tale of cognitive dissonance and the inner battle between 'right and wrong'". Though a pretty hefty topic, CVBZ manages to spike the track with poppy vocals chopped alongside an irresistible hook that truly penetrates the listener. 

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