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Vincent revives Mura Masa's "Hell" with some new life

This isn't the first time we've been impressed by a remix from Vincent. For me personally, though, this is the first time I've written about him since our happenstance meeting in the backstage labyrinth at EDC Las Vegas in 2016. It seems that meeting stuck with me, as I can't help but see Vincent's music through my first impression of him - smart, down to earth and humble.

His latest reflects such qualities because it's a remix of a track that he admits has been a big influence on him. We could say Mura Masa's "Hell" is an influence on many of us as electronic music fans, as its now familiar flow led the way into the crossover trap/future movement that artists like Vincent flourish in today. But don't get it twisted - Vincent isn't just using the name of this track to get plays - he's truly paid homage to it in his own way. While the original "Hell" will always be what it is, Vincent's "Hell" brings the original to life, which is hard to think possible.

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