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MC Bravado dedicates his latest to his fam with "Dead Man's Dream" [Video]

Richard Croce, better known as MC Bravado, has released a real tear-jerker of a video with “Dead Man’s Dream.” Featuring his father, “Dead Man’s Dream” sees Bravado putting it all in for his family and their legacy. It’s an honest look into the Croce family history which brings fans that much closer with the Baltimore rhymer.

As is to be expected with Bravado, there are plenty of fiery lyrics throughout, but the emphasis on family is what sets this particular clip apart. The video is rather simple, featuring Bravado rapping in what looks like a warehouse or abandoned building, but that all fits well when combined with shots of his dad speaking about Bravado’s grandfather.

The narrative speaks to fatherhood and what it means to be a great dad. At the end of the 7-minute clip, Croce senior drops an insightful gem about life, “That’s important, to have goals, and to work towards them. But, you’ve got to enjoy the little things along the way, because that’s really what it’s about.” Papa Croce speaks the truth, fam.

Peep the clip above and if you haven’t yet, check Hip Hop* by MC Bravado on any and all streaming platforms.

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