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ICYTWAT drops his bass-heavy debut record, 'MILK'

I'm calling it now: in 2017, the south will be churning out a new wave of artists and it'll all happen solely because of the hip-hop collective known as Divine Council will have influenced the region. The quartet is made up of four eccentric, odd and distinct rappers, each with their own personality and style. $ilkmoney, ICYTWAT, Cyrax and Lord Linco have consistently dropped gems over Soundcloud since their initial come up, even impressing the legendary Andre 3000 who ended up jumping on a remix of one of their songs and directing one of their music videos. Each individual rapper comes with his own flavor, striking as completely different from one another but somehow connecting over ICYTWAT's bass-heavy, washed out-type production. During an interview with Noisey, $ilkmoney told the publication, "Everybody got a specialty. Everybody specializes in something. It's like one of those video games where everybody got their own trait."

This week, Divine Council's primary producer ICYTWAT saw his debut record MILK release, and it's nothing short of incredible. If ICYTWAT is only a fraction of what Divine Council can put out, hip-hop is in for a shake-up. ICYTWAT stepped up on MILK to not only drop some of the craziest, loudest beats this side of the south (excluding whatever XXXTentacion raps over), he also does something we've hardly seen before: rap. And judging from the banger of a title-track, "MILK," he's not bad at it. At all.

Check out MILK above and download the record for free over at ICYTWAT's official Bandcamp. Peep Divine Council's debut EP, Council World, over at their official Soundcloud.

Connect with Divine Council: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Connect with ICYTWAT: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp



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