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Fishbach releases new song "Nightbird (Petit Monstre)" [Premiere]

French singer and performer Fishbach has released her new song "Nightbird (Petit Monstre)," which premieres on our site exclusively today. This song is pulsing and insistent, as if the listener is running away from something. The wavery guitar strums, pounding beat and wailing vocals only add to this illusion. 

Fishbach has anything but a traditional upbringing and left school when she was only a teenager, recording her first demos with only a laptop and a shoddy microphone. Since then she has risen to become one of the most prolific French artists, and is poised on the brink of major success. 

Her upcoming avant-garde pop EP, Un Autre Que Moi, will be released this upcoming Friday (May 19). Some upcoming dates for Fishbach include May 18 at The Great Escape 2017 in the UK, June 8 at The Lincoln Centre Atrium in New York City, and June 17th at L'Astral in Montreal. 

Connect with Fishbach: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 



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