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Mr. Oizo, Justice Ed Banger Records celebrates 100 releases with new compilation

Ed Banger Records has been a staple in the electronic music scene since 2003. Launched as a division of Headbanger Records then, it's been both a haven and launchpad for essential French artists and their music. The label's second-ever release is a song that's forever cemented in the house music industry: Justice vs. Simian's "Never Be Alone," now an evergreen song. Going on to work with Busy P, Mr. Oizo and others, Ed Banger - like any well-curated record label - might have taken longer than others to get to 100 releases, but today it's reached that landmark. In collaboration with many of the artists its supported over the years, Ed Banger Records has released a telling compilation of new music entitled, appropriately, Ed Rec 100. These include the title track from Mr. Oizo, and a new Boys Noize remix of Justice's "Randy" from their last album, Woman. It's out now, along with an app that takes us through each of the compilation's 17 tracks.





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