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Buddy announces Kaytra produced EP + shares "Find Me"

Buddy is back with some exciting news. Compton's very own announced that he is dropping an EP next week with executive production from Kaytranada titled Ocean & Montana. Today, he gave as a lil taste of the full bodied flavor titled, "Find Me".

Buddy's new project is said to be a juxtaposition between Compton and the beach - where the streets meet the sea. This particular single off the project represents this comparison well. The Haitian Sensation lays down a backdrop that mirrors a lot of his classic productions. A high pitched synth swirls in turbulence giving us a happy go lucky video game vibe. The sound assumes the feel of a bright summer day, but don't be fooled - the lyrics are no rays of sunshine. Although masked by the upbeat production, Buddy's lyricism is incredibly introspective. He touches on the pain found in solitary drinking, escaping police brutality and searching for answers on the inside. His emotions are all displayed in a catchy hook that demonstrates Buddy's singing ability as he cries, "lost and alone / come find me / i just want to feel loved / come try me". 

The rest of the EP is due out 5/19 and is said to be an act of self - discovery. Based off this taste alone, I can't wait to see what Buddy and Kaytra have cooked up for dinner. 

Connect with Buddy: Buy "Find Me" | Facebook | Twitter | Insta

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