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Welcome to TOFUKU's digital world in "Digital Girl"

It's TOFUKU'S digital world and we're just living in it. The self-described "2D singing girl with always changing hair, producer and sometimes DJ" may be living URL but IRL she calls LA home and is part of both the Paper Crane Collective and Tiny Waves. TOFUKU recently released her new single, "Digital Girl", which blends her real life production, singing and mixing skills with her internet persona.

"As a fairly new artist, I've always dreamed of writing a song that's based on a concept; a song that tells a story and takes you on an adventure through a character's eyes. 'Digital Girl' is so special to me because it conveys more about the original character of TOFUKU as I've created her, a music girl made of pixels, and a small peek into what her world looks like."

"Digital Girl" opens with a poppy drum beat and glitchy vocals from the producer herself. The tracks feels very Kero Kero Bonito meets Anamanaguchi with the video game-like sounds and mix of singing and rapping. The lyrics allude to her persona and how she could be anywhere within the digital sphere. Maybe she's real, maybe she's not. Maybe there's a "Digital Girl" living within our own two dimensional world, but "who's to say".

Connect with TOFUKU: Soundcloud | Twitter

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