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Stella's new album is the "Way To Go" [Video Premiere]

Greek singer/songwriter Stella has been a favorite since the early “Picking Words” days. With her witty lyrics and regal vocal tone, Stella's melodic style of new wave meets synth pop is quite alluring and easy on the ears. If you haven't heard her yet, take a mix of ladies like Patti Smith and Annie Lennox and put a fresh, modern synth pop spin on everything. There's bits of upbeat fun and moodier moments—really something for everyone and every mood. Having just released her sophomore full-length Works For You, this femme fatale has been working hard to entice you with her siren songs. Visiting the album's title track “Works For You,” Stella's latest offering comes in the form of a new music video.

Follow Stella around in her travels as she charms you with her fun spirit and songwriting. “Way To Go” boasts the perfect carefree energy and sunny melodies to accompany the warming weather. And don't forget to check out the rest of Stella's album, out now via Inner Ear Records.

Connect with Stella: Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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