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Dream Hackers & JVSE kick off summer with memories of "Last Summer"

Since the release of their third compilation, Fanservice Collective has been on a release streak and they don't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Ringing in summer 2017, collective members Dream Hackers and JVSE have debuted their new single "Last Summer", enlisting the help of Thomas Daniel on vocals. The track is future bass at its core, but has a little bit of K-Pop feel, possibly due to Dream Hacker's roots in Seoul. 

Alongside the Seoul and NYC based Dream Hackers is the Bahamas-native JVSE. Both artists dabble in electronic music but bring their own take on the genre to this track. Dream Hackers focuses on more future sounds, while JVSE plays around with glitchy synths. Melting the two together brings the bubbly, high energy "Last Summer", which reminisces on a summer's gone by and chasing the feeling of those endless nights. With Thomas Daniels on the guest vocals, the single is a future-pop crossover which could be the soundtrack to kick off your summer.

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