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Night Lovell delivers on "WHOEVER U ARE"


Canadian rapper Night Lovell is back with some new heat. Fresh off his latest album Red Teenage Melody, a sudden new buzz has formed around the young artist. The track, "WHOEVER U ARE" is nothing short of what he usually brings to the table. An eerie, dark instrumental created by Hector Vaé starts off with a phone call going straight to the busy tone. You know some shit you would see in a scary movie right before your favourite character dies? Yeah, that noise. Lovell has the perfect voice to complement this hard ass instrumental. He comes in with a subtle and smooth flow as he raps about some weird shit but hey that's just his thing. For example, he says, "I drink blood like water" to really show how dark and demented his music really is. Later in the track, he transitions to preaching about how much he wants her, whoever she is, which is who the song is named after. This could just be the beginning of new releases for Lovell in 2017 and he's off to a great start. Check out the track above. 

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Dark Rap · Hip-Hop


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