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Introducing Owen Ross with new track "Avatar" with Radar Bird

Berlin-based producer Owen Ross has released his new track "Avatar" featuring fellow artist Radar Bird (also known as Jonathan Walter) exclusively on our site today. Walter is part of the popular Berlin DJ and producer collective called Through My Speakers and "Avatar" is his first collaboration with Ross. 

Ross is known for his downtempo productions that showcase razor-sharp production skills and distorted vocals. It's hip, unique and no one could ever accuse him of not having his own style. "It is about people living through their online and social media persona more than actually living," Ross said via email, showcasing an important aspect of popular culture right now through his music. 

Ross is gearing up to release a full-length album this year called Flourescent, as well as collaborating with Blacksage, Eze Jackson, DINAH and Emanuel Bender and touring Europe over the summer. 

Connect with Owen Ross: Soundcloud | Twitter 

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