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Zacheser pays tribute to the late Prince in "Partyman" remix

Party people gather, let's take a moment to celebrate the life of the original "Partyman" himself, as it's been one year since the iconic pop star, Prince's death. Prince played an integral role in many lives, breathing a fresh breath of air into my own childhood and a slew of millennials. Washington based producer Zacheser has not shied away from his own influences and decided to take on a rework in a tribute to "Partyman". The producer has been paving his way into the electronic scene with his fun-filled disco sound and house styles. With his re-introduction of dance-focused tracks in the electronic world, Zacheser's style is reminiscent of the origins of dance music and helps us pause to remember to have a good time.

In his remix of "Partyman", we're welcomed to chunky percussions, hot and crisp kicks and an undeniable groove. The track has "feel good" written all over it and one to definitely implement in your upcoming summer playlists. Regarding the singer, Zacheser says, "If it wasn't for artists like Prince, I don't think I'd be as confident in my weirdness or as willing to take risks as I am. I remember always being transfixed by the song [“Partyman”], one of my first musical memories watching and re-watching the museum scene from 'Batman' because I loved the song so much. I've always felt this track has always been underrated in favor of some of his bigger hits and I felt that it was unfortunate that nobody had attempted at making a proper disco edit of this track. Obviously Prince left an impression: giving me the courage to be myself, be weird, wear make-up, and be unafraid to own my queerness.

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