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LIONE brings glitzy vibe to the Knocks "TROUBLE" (feat. Absofacto)

Based out of Los Angeles, producer LIONE has mastered his sound from the beginning, since his first remix of Jack Ü x Ember Island's rendition of "Where Are Ü Now". The artist has pinpointed his aesthetic perfectly, in both the scope of visuals and a signature sound. What LIONE has managed to do in both his remixes and originals, is carry listeners into a whimsical soundscape, embellished in glowing synths and beaming melodies that will put you in a state of bliss. 

LIONE has decided to put own spin to the Knocks "TROUBLE" (feat. Absofacto) and he completely rocks it. LIONE flips the track by punching up the tempo up, creating a full energy track. Adding soft echoes and sparkly synth work which is characteristic of his sound, we're exposed to a mesmerizing rendition that brings listeners into a dreamy haze. His sound has a slight retro feel with warm 80's nu-wave vibes in the synths used. With this remix, we're only excited for what's next to come from LIONE.

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