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Benji Lewis will soothe your ears with new single "For You"

Chill out this Friday afternoon with some new downtempo vibes from Benji Lewis. His latest single "For You" is one of those sweet and soft love ballads that will easy your mind, body and soul. Co-written by another EARMILK favorite Golden Vessel, ‘For You’ is the outcome of another collaboration. Benji shares that the process was quite easy, remarking, "Both being really creative, everything flowed and happened naturally and quickly without any fuss.” The track lyrically speaks to the difficulties of long distance romance, something Lewis experienced personally on a recent trip to LA. While the situation might be difficult Benji remains hopeful sharing, “It’s written from a very hopeful place, wishing for the best to come of two people being in different places, but wanting to express to the other person how real your feelings are, and how much you want it to work between you and them.”

There must be something in the water over in Australia, as all of these guys have a love driven message to share. 

Connect with Benji Lewis: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter




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