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Introducing: OddKidOut EP 'Full Circle' featuring 1403

OddKidOut is a Philly-based drummer and producer who teamed up with London singer and multi-instrumentalist producer named 1403. The duo set out to create an EP that embodies a fresh new start for both artists titled Full Circle, executively produced by Mitch Beer.

The 21-year-young producer felt a need to create a neo-soul sound for Philadelphia, so he took it upon himself to represent a unique vibe for his city. He linked with England's very finest young talent (in one short week, like straight up seven days) to create an EP that surely comes Full Circle. Starting us off in a dreamy state - OddKidOut begins his project with a sharp knocking sound, perhaps waking us up to embark on a soulfully sonic journey. 

"Thoughts (Intro)" starts with a drum that almost sounds imperfectly offbeat and continues with a dreamy hook from 1403 saying "I can say I'm on a cloud, yeah I can think aloud when I'm alone with my thoughts".  The next track is called "30,000"(the altitude which planes fly best). Naturally, the track dissects being above the clouds through an ethereal production that throws us into a dreamlike state. The production reminds me of a nebula, otherwise known as an interstellar cloud of dust. A guitar cries in the background as the listeners likely weep to the soothing sound of 1403's vocals. By the time "Angel Dust" begins, the song titles start to make perfect sense. 

Every single song on this EP is perfectly labeled to match your feels while having an auditory eargasm. "Angel Dust" is most certainly the psalms of angels from above. The track holds a climactic vibe as it features a vocal sample that sensually climbs an octave. After being mesmerized with "Angel Dust" you're likely rosy in the cheeks from what you just experienced so they hit you with a song titled "Blush".  An eclectic, peachy, jazz track that's just as funky as you thought. Towards the end of the EP falls a track that was released as a single titled, "WonderFull". This is a cut filled to the brim with imagination. The song is equal parts Jazz, new R&B, soul & indie that ends with hymns and a harmony reminiscent of Queen. To exit the EP, the duo take us from the clouds all the way "Back To the Sea". The piano acts as an ode to some type of trap mermaids as 1403 repetitively sings "I'm going back to the sea". The production slowly ends as the delicate, cosmic and ethereal EP fades into the abyss.

OddKidOut described the project in his own words on how they drew galactic and aquatic inspiration for their sound to compose this project. 

"“Our mindset on the EP was to create music that was true to us. We didn’t want to create something that everyone has already heard before. Drawing on inspirations from space, the sea, and many more, we were able to effectively create a project that had influences from a plethora of concepts”. -OddKidOut

This is the first project for OddKidOut in 2017. If he made this in a short seven days, I can't imagine what he can cook up in a few months. Stay tuned.

Connect with OddKidOut: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Connect with 1403: Soudcloud | Twitter | Instagram 


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