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Charlie Thorstenson drops acid for his Ovum Recordings debut, 'Svart'

Unveiling himself under a new, authentic name, his own in fact, Charlie Thorstenson delivers an assured acid-centric debut EP on the mighty Ovum Recordings. The Swedish native previously released under the moniker, Charlie Don’t Surf, and appeared regularly for Planet Rhythm and Einmusika, the latter he released his debut LP with, Storms Ahead, only last year.

The Svart EP — Svart means Black’ in English — is a line in the creative sand, a new beginning for this personal step forward under his authentic moniker. This dark theme can be felt immediately on “Svart”, an alarming bass pulse rhythm interleaved with an off pulsing acid droplet, which gradually emerges in the mix to sit with the subtle minimal drum construct. An almighty atmosphere mounts and a powerful parade of intense, echoing synths deliver a cosmic vision that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

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Tusentals” begins with more emphatic drum programming. Minimal parts, but this clarity is key and aids in the tracks synth-laden build-up. A whipping mid-frequency synth rhythm showers the arrangement, and soft transitions amid deep-set ambience create a wide and spacious environment to get lost in. It’s hella’ rushy and very, very satisfying.

Thorstenson supplies two versions of “When All You Hear Is Your Own Thoughts”, the first relying upon a hefty chunk of layered acid textures, some whipping violently and sound like a space didgeridoo, whilst others pummel a solid rhythm to jive to. Each component fluctuates gradually, which supplies the feeling of growth, as though the sound is alive, organic in some form. For the Grey version, the acid is tamed and the bass notes are shorter making the track feel more upright and pronounced. Charlie uses a pitch gliding, three-note, synth progression with soft-attack and long release that, altogether, mutates wildly to give the track a long-lasting trippy hook as it leads into the breakdown.

The fluctuating acid sounds Charlie uses to create a sublimely shadowy texture that bond all four tracks together. It’s excellently arranged with very simple, and very effective changes that mark this out as a killer debut from the artist and befits the hallowed Ovum stable very nicely indeed.

If you like it, support it. Charlie Thorstenson’s Svart EP is out now. Purchase it here from Beatport.

Connect with Charlie: Soundcloud | FacebookInstagram

Connect with Ovum: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



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