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Moscoman puts his rock rave touch on Golden Bug's 'Amazonia' [Exclusive Premiere]

Moscoman has put his usual rock rave touch on Golden Bug's latest, "Amazonia", off their upcoming EP "Krokodil" on La Belle Records out of Paris. The song has elements that make it feel like it could have been made during the 70's, save for the dramatic, epic moments that Mosco adds in. Real, crisp basslines inspired by the original are supported with eerie guitar riffs and a dubbed out vocal from the original, which delves even further into the rock realm.

Having had the pleasure of bringing Moscoman to Toronto this past weekend for his debut show here, I got to witness first hand the energy and uniqueness of his sound - a blend of rock & roll with house, techno, and electronic, and heavy on Middle Eastern influences. The Israeili born, Berlin based label owner of Disco Halal and now Treisar even closed the night out with a few classic rock songs for the faithful that lasted the entire evening. Looking forward to more from him as he shows no signs of slowing down. He even hinted at an upcoming album on a label but could not say which, so there's that to look forward to! 

Connect with Moscoman: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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