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PONY gives us a taste of what it's like being "Alone Tonight"

Toronto's pop-punk quartet PONY has released yet another catchy jam dedicated to relations lost and getting over it, "Alone Tonight." The song is a dreamy fuzzed out pop single, full of bubblegum lyrics that show Sam Bielanski recalling an uncomfortably comfortable relationship.

Bielanski explained in a press statement:

I wrote 'Alone Tonight' when I was in a super codependent/comfortable relationship. We would literally do the exact same thing every day, which included watching five or six episodes of Dragons Den on Netflix. I realized that we had absolutely nothing to talk about anymore and we just watched TV all the time to kind of hide the fact that maybe we weren't 'meant to be.' It's very much about how in the end I realized being alone, as scary as it was at the time, was way better than settling for someone who I basically just watched TV with.

Hear the relieving realization that being comfortable in a relationship isn't always a great thing up above with "Alone Tonight." Watch for PONY's "Alone Tonight / DIY" 7" top release on May 12 via Buzz Records.

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