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Alvin Risk unveils electronic frenzy in latest 'Ever' EP

Alvin Risk has never quite fit the trendy moulds of the electronic world. This stand out factor is one of the reasons I've constantly been drawn to his work. His approach at creating bizarre yet innovative beats marks Alvin Risk as a rare unicorn, staying true to his edge and not getting lost in the sea of uniform drops and formulaic compositions. From Venture to Infinity, to his epic takes on tracks by Skrillex, Fun. and Kaskade, Risk simply makes music that embraces strong elements of dance music in inventive and jarring ways.

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In his latest EP Ever, Risk takes inspiration from electro sounds of the past, present and future, incorporating a plethora of energies into his work. The EP begins with "Ever", a cinematically beautiful piece that exudes neon vibrancy and an uncontainable energy. Falling into a cadence of buzzing synths and a growling bass that builds up, Alvin Risk takes us on a technological whirlwind into a synesthetic dreamland. The rapid tempo of the track contrasted with vocal subtleties s and bellowing horns create a hyper real experience. 

Eventually we're led to "The Gate", which sort of mimics the beginning of a daunting roller coaster ride with it's sinister laughter and darker undertones. A narrative is then introduced with it's theatrical melodies and sporadic wails. The dubstep inserts and lazer imitating sounds paint a noisy and high speed landscape that will get listeners flustered in the best way.

"The Spook" begins with minimal but loud percussion that thump in and out. Then with some looping quirky chords, a mysterious trickle pumps throughout the track. It's faint whispers in the background are merged with robotic inhales, building the soundtrack to an old school Goosebumps episode. 

"The Craft" is the ultimate closure to the EP, penetrating a sonic frenzy into your ears. Alvin Risk combines industrial tech sounds, with the grit of serrated dubs and tribal drum punches, to muffle listeners understanding of their audible surroundings. 

It's not often you find yourself experiencing the same curiousness as you would in a mirror fun house in the form of an electronic track. Within the Ever EP, Alvin Risk develops a unique aesthetic, clashing serene melodies with erratic overcoats. And with this release, Alvin Risk continues to maintain his eclectic nature and further prove the point that weird is always better. 

Connect with Alvin Risk: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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