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On Planets gets real in "Too Bad / So Sad"

On Planets seems to be on a roll with killer releases these days, after just releasing the electro-pop track "Cure" about a month ago. The Vancouver based singer/producer has a rich sound that's challenging to pinpoint. It falls somewhere in between a wispy alternative indie meets quirky electronic sound design with a dash of retro vibes. In his second single of the year "Too Bad / So Sad", the artist also known as Sean Wharton goes in a more raw direction with the work. His timbre is doused in nonchalance and a spike of badassery. His sound design is crisp and lush, tactfully adding to the narrative of "Too Bad / So Sad". Impactful horns and sharp percussion formulate a jagged honesty. With his conceptual approach to sound design and lyrical notions, On Planets is constantly challenging the perceptions of electronic music today.

Regarding the track, Wharton states, “This one is a bit of a hyperbolic depiction of doubt, mostly in the context of lifestyle, career, etc. At the time I was writing the track, I had some doubt in my own integrity and worth, so I wanted to embody that melodramatic, ridiculous shit I came up with in my head. ‘Too Bad / So Sad’ is just about how easy it is to marinate yourself in bad vibes.”

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