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Wyldest capture truth that was never allowed with "The Poet"

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This might well be the best Wyldest release to date. The trio of talented musicians, comprised of Zoe Mead, Mariin Kallikorm and Jack Gooderham are back with The Poet. Guy Massey (Idlewild, Palma Violets) once again returns on production, and the result is a seriously haunting and wonderful number. The hook is this unconventional woozy guitar that feels far too at home within The Poet's loose and reverb drenched, 80s, lo-fi, psychedelic atmosphere. Mead's vocals seamlessly soar throughout The Poet's preoccupation of haze, and additional electronic synths entering later into the track add a whirring, pulsing sense of hypnotic urgency. The dark, brooding, on-edge shoegaze atmosphere in The Poet somehow uniquely, manages to equally reflect musical ideas that didn't make it; just as perfectly as those that did. It hold back a truth that was never allowed, and it lingers throughout, capturing the evocative beauty in compromise.  

On The Poet Mead says: "It's about the struggle I've seen from many creative people I have either known or read about. "It's a struggle that everyone can relate to on some level, about communicating, compromising, and finding an outlet to express oneself. But for some the desire to create seems irrepressible or incompatible with the expectations of others, so they feel conflicted and isolated.” 

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